Valkyries’ Debutante Gathering

At 6pm(ish) on 3 Dec. 2013 I, Asp. Agnes Day joined Sr. Rosetta Stone to manifest at Club Cafe for the NE Valkyries’ inaugural season meet-n-greet.  At near 7:30, we presented manifestation to a nearly empty back room, but still worked what crowd there was.

By 8:15 the entire back room was packed!  Rosetta and I circulated among the crowd and had an amazing opportunity to meet the Valks’ team, supporters, and family.  Since the team hasn’t yet secured tax-exempt status, attending sisters were only there for Ministry of Presence in an ambassadorial role.  Many people llearned about SPI, or mission, and the causes for which we work that night.
Shortly after 9pm, I was given a mic, and (after Rosie stopped the rendition of Cabaret that was my first instinct) I introduced Nick Limerick – President of the Valks.
Some more circulation, glittery smiles, paparazzi, flash-flash, and blessings on the team’s founders’ foreheads, and Rosie and I ran out like the place was on fire!
Overal, it was a successful MoP; the team, Nick, and I look forward to fostering a strong relationship b/w the Valks and the Boston House!

Author: Webmaster