AIDS Walk Boston 2011

On June 5, 2011 the Boston Sisters participated in the 2011 Boston AIDS Walk. Prior to the event, the Sisters networked their friends and family and raised a combined total of $3,060.54 for the walk. They began fundraising in April.

On the day of the walk, Srs. KrisTall and Eunice were joined by NvSrs. Rosetta, Ophelia, Dearest, Felicia, Ana, Sandra and Post. Lois Carmen at 9am to Manifest. Rosetta, Sandra and Lois Carmen finished early so they decided to go to the event early. The Walk route ran in front of the Convent and the 3 sisters exited the Convent in the middle of the crowd. They posed for pictures for 30 minutes until the crowd thinned out enough and everyone was able to take a picture. From there they went to the Esplanade where they met up with the rest of the Sisters. The group went to the finish line where they spent 2 hours cheering on the participants, taking pictures and generally creating an atmosphere of Joy.

It was a great event which blended an impressive fundraising effort with the Ministries of Presence and Education.

Author: Webmaster