Boston Pride 2011

On June 11, 2011, Srs. Eunice X and KrisTall Mighty were joined by NvSrs. Ima Miracle, Imogen DeMira, Felicia O., Rosetta Stone, Ana DeCros, Sandra Musique and Post. Theresa Solution manifested for Boston Pride 2011. They were joined by a great group of friends who carried the Mission banner and helped the Sisters carry the beautiful signs Post. Theresa had made. The Sisters arrived at 11am to their designated spot and spent an hour mingling, taking pictures and spreading joy to the other participants. A noon, just as the Parade was supposed to begin, the heavens opened and umbrellas were hastily brought out. By 12:30 the rains lessened and the Parade started. It was estimated that there were around 15,000 people watching the Parade. The most memorable moment as the Sister were walking was when two men ran up to Ima asking to take a picture with her because they were on a treasure hunt and needed a picture with someone in the tri-corner hat.

After the Parade, the Sisters mingled at the Festival for an hour or so before heading back to the Convent to de-face and go to lunch. It was a wonderful day (despite the weather) and much joy was spread.

Author: Webmaster