Archdale Christmas Party

On Friday afternoon Novice Sister Bee Big and Sister Lida Christ convened in Dorchester to manifest for the Archdale Community Center Christmas party for which the Boston Sisters graciously and generously bought Christmas gifts and a stuffed stocking for 69 underprivileged children from the Archdale community.
We arrived fashionably on time, with Sister Lida expressing a tiny bit of trepidation as we walked through the projects in the dark.     Our fears were unfounded however as soon as we walked in the doors and an adorable girl in pink looked up at us in awe and wonderment and waved a hand of welcome at us.
When we entered the gymnasium we were immediately greeted by the staff of the community center who insisted on taking pictures with us immediately (see below).    The children were all seated on bleachers ready for us.    Sister Lida gave a wonderful impromptu explanation of who the Sisters are that was age appropriate, thanked the children for allowing us to join them and let them know they are all perfect the way they are.
We took some giant group photos before Lida and I handed out all the presents to the children individually, with the staff having us pose for a photo with each child and made sure each child thanked us for the gifts.
There was then a free for all of photo taking, with many, many kids wanting to take pictures with Lida, especially the teenagers, before Lida and I handed out the stockings to all the children on their way home.       Many parents thanked the Sisters for their generosity, the staff gave us background on their programs and how they train the children to be polite, kind, and thankful (which they impressively were!), and how appreciative they were of our thoughtful gifts.
I think I speak for Lida when I say we had a wonderful time, we felt extremely appreciated and welcomed, and the Sisters had a very positive impact on the community.
Bee Big !

Author: May