Toys 4 Joys

On Saturday, Srs. Heidi and Angie arrived to the Revere Hotel and were met by the Organizer James Rifino. They were soon joined by the rest of the attending members honoring the 7 PM call time. Due to a misunderstanding on the T4J side, the volunteers that were slated to handle the check-in process did not show up, so the Sisters were asked to handle this function for the event.  The Sisters gladly obliged, and we had some of our phones set-up to handle the check-in process. Soon after getting on line, we took our designated places at the venue doors and started welcoming and checking-in the event attendees, and covered the doors in shifts, while we all had the opportunity to have a look around the amazingly decorated venue, pose for pictures and interact with the attendees.

Just after 8 PM, Mayor Marty Walsh took to the stage for an opening address, which hailed the official start of the event. Tito’s were flowing and spirits were high while attendees and Sisters were dancing to the tunes of DJ Stevie Psyclone.

After all the attendees arrived and were swiftly checked in, the Sisters covering the door was able to join the festivities, spread universal joy, catch up with some familiar faces, introduce ourselves to some new fans, and just have a merry old time!

At about 10 PM, Sisters Lida, Eunice and May, accompanied by Postulant Isaiah and Aspirant Joan made their way to Fascination at Jacques.

The remaining Sisters stayed at T4J for another hour, and upon departure checked in with James – he was so grateful for all of our assistance on the evening, and consequently gave the Sisters another huge shout out on Facebook for the services rendered. James also demanded that the Sisters are attending this event in future, stating that T4J’s cannot be T4J without the Sisters!

The remaining Sisters left the event at 11:30 PM.

A joyous night was had by all!

Author: May