Greetings Sisters,

On the afternoon of Saturday, May 19, 2012, Point Nun Eunice X was joined by Sisters Rosetta Stone, Sandra Musique, and Kristall Mighty, as well as by Novice Sister Amanda Tyanwhip and Postulant Frieda B. Fabulous, to manifest at The Convent and then stroll down the Commonwealth Mall toward the Boston Public Garden. Our fabulous Sister photo-journalist Meg accompanied us. Pictures were requested and taken, and funds taken in to help support our Boston AIDs Walk team.

We took a slight detour at Berkeley St. to make a visitation to one Sister Teresa Solution, who was in secular form while working at Brooks Brothers. We were so happy to see her and it seemed visa versa, since many of us became emotional. We do love our Sr. T!

Then we continued through the Garden and the Common, and on to City Hall, where we arrived just in time for the chaperon orientation speech and tour. By about 7:00 PM the “Youths” were let in, and the place filled up quite quickly with bouncing, energetic, and (mostly) self confident young gays, lesbians, and transgendered partiers. We were really there to lend support and create atmosphere, and only on a few occasions were any of us engaged directly by the attendees. We stayed until 11:00 PM, and during the last hour we handed out safer-sex packets to the departing.

Even though we didn’t have a tough “job” to do so we could stay busy, I still believe our attendance was useful – at least symbolically. Sr. KrisTall suggested and I concur that next year we should bring some little gifts/trinkets to hand out to help welcome the young folks to the night celebration of their Pride day.

With much love and respect,

Sr. Eunice

Author: Webmaster