Penny Drive for AIDS Memorial Tree

I was blessed with the attendance of my Sisters, Rosetta, Bimea, Eunice, Sandra and Freida at this past Saturday. The clutch arrived and we plastered our faces and gathered up our Eggs, Condoms and the monument guides and stepped out with our little Angel Sasha in tow.

We slowly sauntered down the eternal 1 mile nunway, known as the Commonwealth Mall, and greeted many a onlooker. The gift of the blessed eggs were warmly received by our fellow Bostonians and many, many visitors. Oddly, the majority and the most inquisitive were those of Australian descent. We were blessed with the opportunity to worlk on our message and for Freida and Bimea to really hone their money shaking skills despite the frozen eggs they held within their manifestation. Did I mention the weather was not the most agreeable and only one sister planned accordingly?

Despite the cold and discomfort that can be New England, we pushed on into the Public Garden and were slightlly mobbed with inquisitive locals at the gates. We decided to head out and find warmth so we went to visit the sympathetic souls within our beloved Brooks Brothers clothing. After a brief warm up and appearance, we sent Eunice and Sandra off to retrun out lovely little Angle to the Convent while the remaining Sisters headed to Geoffrey’s for some knosh and libations.

We were met with Joy and warmth from the Green tag football team. They not only were excited to have our company and attention, they were quite generous to the cause. Rosie was so inspired she facilitated a quick contest for the team members. It involved picking up items that we dropped and we voted on form and technique. The contest was quite a hit. We met up with Sandra and Eunice who arrived with cash in one hand ad two capes for our frigid sisters. Geoffrey’s owner, as always, was kind and grateful to our presence and he too made a personal donation ot our memorial cause. We bid adieu and continued on to a lightly attended Club Cafe. caught up with Constance and was successful in obtaining some very generous donations from the few patrons in attendance.

Off to Fritz! and what a welcome we had. A standing ovation as we walked in the door. We had several flag football teams in attendance and I ran into my lovely friend Mama Kitty, who I never recognize out of face. The crowd was fun, cute, fabulous and generous. We were met with happiness and generosity. We have been asked to possibly be there for the teams as cheerleaders. We had a drink and shook the crowd down and we bid them farewell and head over to Eunice’s favorite sweet spot, the Beehive. Met warmly, but the patrons were few and the manager was not accomodating to a run through for donations at that time. While he offered to let us return at 10:00pm, but we were weary already as we had been in face for 6.5 hours. Instead we left for the Convent and a defacing.

We trudged our wear feet home through a mall full of the Anime conventioners all wondering what characters we were. Quick stop at Gucci as Eunice hit the ATM and the final walk home. Just as we round the corner for the final walk, we were met by one of the most handsome of men we had all ever seen. HE and his father were heading out for dinner and he stopped to ask us if we were the same Sisters of Perpetual Sisters of San Francisco. That interaction alone, for this Sister, made the day worthwhile.

So in total we were able to raise 341.76 for the kick off of our memorial tree. Our Goal is for $2,000.00

We need this sooner than later, so if you can ask friends, neighbors, coworkers, promoters, our friends at other agencies, etc. to help us, please reach out. I would like to have our beneficiaries ask their contacts and employees.

Amanda, I want to get a tracker of some sort on the website showing our goal and where we are. Please speak to Sandra and/or Rosie about getting the ability to pay on line using Pay Pal for us on the website.

Thank you all and let us marshall on. I will update after I hear from FPOG.
Sister KrisTall MIghty

Author: Webmaster