BLC Comedy Fundraiser at Machine

On Sunday January 29, Sisters Ima, Teresa, Rosetta, SEX and Post Amanda gathered at the convent at 3 PM to manifest for Jim Lauletta’s Live, Laugh, Love Comedy Fundraiser for the BLC. Departing the Convent via foot and Sr. Rosetta’s car, the group arrived at Machine and were joined by Sr. Sandra and Asp Frieda.

The Sisters were charged with selling raffle tickets for both a 50/50 and a “Chinese Raffle” – honestly girls, we have to find a better name for that… Sisters worked the crowd from 5:45 until 7:00, the start of the show and were then brought onstage by Lady Kielbasia to offer a blessing for the evening. If I do say so myself, Teresa’s blessing was popularly received. The Sisters were available to enjoy the show and a surprisingly good buffet spread (who knew little Freida could scarf that many meatballs during one sitting?) during Act 1, before being asked to shill raffle tickets again during intermission. It should be noted that Marc Davino and the team at BLC pre-split the tickets into strips of 5, forgoing the Sisters usual pro-sexuality method of ticket selling. Personally, I’m not sure if it helped or hurt the total dollar amount either way.

Once the show started up again, the Sisters counted the money out, having taken in $685 for the 50/50 and $1077 for the Chinese (how is that possible?). Sandra and Frieda departed to get Frieda home so she could get ready for school; Rosetta, Ima, and Amanda departed to continue manifesting at Group Hug; while Teresa and SEX stayed through the event to pull raffle tickets and pass out prizes.

All in all, the Sisters were popularly received. I think that we may be asked to facilitate/MC more events after our successful mic time this evening.

Author: Webmaster