Mercy for Animals Penny Drive

Last night Sisters Eunice X, KrisTall Mighty, Sandra Musique and Aspirant Frieda B Fabulous met at the Convent yesterday to manifest for a photo shoot and Penny Drive for Mercy for Animals. The Boston Sisters’ unofficial photo historian, Meg Birnbaum, joined us to take some pictures of KrisTall for a photo series she’s doing. She then joined us for a couple of hours as we strolled the streets of Boston slinging a bucket to raise funds for Mercy for Animals. We decided that March must be the time for reproducing, because we met at least 10 people who were celebrating their birthdays. We also ran into our friend Michael Flowers at Sephora while we walked through the mall to avoid the windy streets of Boston. We also visited Club Cafe and Geoffrey’s Cafe, two of our favorite places to visit because of the warmth they show the Sisters and their willingness to let us raise funds (and eyebrows) in their establishments. In the 6 hours we were out we met some great people, sang Happy Birthday at least 5 times and raised over $260!! This coupled with the money we raised at Drag Bingo two weeks ago brings our total donation to over $660 (and 1 Jordanian Dinar)! Thank you to all the generous people in Boston. We couldn’t do our good works without you!

Author: Webmaster