Blender Bender Gender Bender

On the eve of the last day of April, Novice Sister Yanica Phallico and Postulant Esther O. Gen schlepped down to Dorchester to begin manifesting with Sister Shiny Brite and Sister Hil Billy (Guard Ian Knight) at the Island of Misfit Toys.  Then the Sister’s together took Esther’s car over to Whiskey Saigon for the Sister’s first ever appearance at Blender Bender’s Gender Bender Event benefiting BAGLY!!!

The Sisters arrived about 15-20 prior to the volunteer orientation meeting, which gave them plenty of time to interact with the bartenders who also manifested for the event and to get an idea of the various libations that they would like to sample once the event began.
Prior to the beginning of the event the Sisters received the raffle tickets and pins that they would be selling for the night and split into two sales teams Shiny/Yanica on raffle and Hil/Esther on pins.  The sales teams switched the products that they were pushing about halfway through the event.  Overall by the end of the event the Sister’s efforts awarded Bagly $674.
It was a night of fantastic gender bending and LGBTness from a crowd of patrons who were not all associated with the queer community, the Sisters were received incredibly well in the space and did what they could to make this event even more fun while focusing on their tasks.

Guard Ian Knight

Master of Saints
The Boston Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

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