Verna Turbulence’s Drag Brunch

Greetings Sisters and Supporters,

On Sunday, May 7, I was joined at my home by Sister Teresa Glass (FPM Sponsor), Sister Lida Christ, and Postulant Esther O Gen to manifest for an on time departure to Club Cafe in support of Verna Turbulence’s Annual Drag Brunch. We were joined at Club Cafe by Aspirant Gina.
The benefactor of this year’s brunch was The Boston Living Center. During the brunch, Sisters greeted guests as they arrived, sold approximately $1700 in raffle tickets, helped support the Fashion Walk, and generally entertained guests as they participated in the afternoon’s activities.
During the event, Postulant Esther and Aspirant Gina had an opportunity to give their elevator speeches to many guests unfamiliar with the Sisters. One guest who asked to donate to the Sisters was referred to the website. Lida’s contact information was provided to another guest who is interested in becoming a Sister potentially “provided we allow dykes to become nuns.” I explained that we are open to all genders and gender constructs (hopefully, that was an acceptable way of putting it). And, I also explained to her the Guard option as well.
Once the Sister’s role in the event was complete, we walked back to Worcester Wimple Wonderland–escorted by FoS Jerome. We were greeted quite warmly by most pedestrians on Tremont Street who gave many smiles and asked for a couple of pictures.
Verna sent the following this morning via Facebook Messenger to me:
“Thank you Hellen, and many thanks to you and your sisters, friends, and your husband who were all so supportive. I cannot thank you enough. You’re the best. Much love, Verna T.”
This video was posted to Facebook during the event.
Yours in love and light,

Author: Webmaster