Boston Pride Parade

On Saturday, June 14, 2014, once again in the weest of wee hours of the morning Sisters Eunice X, Kristall Mighty, Novice Sisters Lida Christ, Tori D’Affair, Luvinya Always, Gloria LeLuia, Postulant DeCoda Apple, and Altered Girl Nonye met at the Convent to being their manifesting for Pride, along with the Familia D’Affair. Sisters Rosetta Stone and Ima Miracle manifested in Ima’s Sanctuary and Sisters Sandra Musique and Frieda B Fabulous and the Fabulous family manifested at the Rectory of the Hole-y Pews. The Sisters then assembled and went to their assigned marching spot in waves where they were met by Altered Boy Sam and his servant, friends Chris and Brant, the Leluia clan, Saint Meg-a-pixel and her friend Silke, soon-to-be Aspirant Jay and a slew of supporters who decided to show their support by marching with us. The Sisters were welcomed warmly by the crowds as the 2014 Grand Marshals. Halfway through the parade Sister Sandra was asked to do an interview with the Pride committee about what it was like to be honored by our community. Later on, at the Festival the Sisters got on stage, thanks to an ever-persistent KrisTall Mighty, and introduced ourselves to the assembled masses.

The Sisters then took their leave and made their way to the Alley for much-needed refreshments before journeying by T to Club Cafe for lunch. After feasting heartily the exhausted nuns went their separate ways and relaxed.
Here endeth the lesson, go in peace and sin some more.

Author: Webmaster