Drag Bingo Benefiting Camp Lightbulb

On Monday, June 9, 2014 Sisters Sandra Musique, Rosetta Stone, Novice Sisters Lida Christ, Gloria LeLuia, and Tori d’Affair descended upon Club Cafe is a swirling fog of glitter and false lashes. Having successfully poisoned Constance, the nuns took over the night of bingo. It was a quiet night. The people who came out were great and seemed to have a good time, but it wasn’t the normal rowdy bunch. Puck from Camp Lightbulb drove up from Ptown to talk about the charity people really seemed to get behind supporting the kids. Sandra also did her part in making the pledge not to curse on the microphone before 10pm or else she’d have to pay $10 a expletive. Needless to say, she spent $50 (3 were on purpose). At the end of the night we were able to raise $606 for Camp Lightbulb and jump over the $34,000 mark in over-all bingo funds raised for charity.

Author: Webmaster