Casino Night for FLAG Football


On Sunday, October 18, Point Nun Sister Eunice X was joined at the Convent for communal facing by Novice Sister Shiny Bright and Novice Guard Ian Knight.  Once properly adorned, we made our way through the bright, crisp fall midday up the Commonwealth Avenue Mall and across Copley Square to reach Club Cafe right at 1:00 PM for the even start.

We schmoozed with the guests, made a few rounds through the brunch diners in the restaurant to promote the fundraiser in the back room, did a little gambling of our own to lend some additional support, and then hit the crowds in earnest to sell raffle tickets for some pretty awesome prizes, including a pair of r/t tickets on the PTown Fast Ferry, dining certificates at either Atlantic Fish Co. or Boston Chops, a glorious wine basket of Cupcake wines, and sports gear from FLAG itself.  We also promoted the silent auction items and assisted with the live auction.

It should be noted that most of the dealers and other volunteers were all themselves part of the FLAG league – and well built and handsome as you can possibly imagine!

We also note that Sister KrisTall Mighty joined us for a time in secular form, accompanied by one of her nephews who apparently has a newly recognized skill for the betting tables.

All in all we raised $520 for the raffle.  After the drawings were completed, we made our way back to the Convent for communal de-facing.

Author: Webmaster