GLAD Spirit of Justice Awards

Sisters Sandra Musique, Lida Christ, Eunice X, and KrisTall Mighty met at the Convent and manifested. Out the door and on our way at 5:45   Arrived shortly after event started. The venue changed up creating some confusion but all was fine.

We located the VIP room after creating a short video in which guests were asked, “What Does Justice Mean to You?” we each rattled off independent answers then made our way just in time for last call. The manager of the hotel kept the bar open just for us. AWWWEEEE. The staff love to see us and are excited we are beginning the gala season. Our bartendress was happy to see us but was sad not to see here favorite nun, Rosie!! So I punched her — only kidding. Rosie, she said to say hello.

We cleared out the VIP room and moved all guests upstairs. 20 minutes later we moved the guests passed the closed dance floor doors to the shortened dining room. Several speakers took to the microphone. We listened for a bit then retired to the dining area. We were waiting for the ask, but they never came to tell us and the event moved the ask to the middle of dinner service. So we did not participate in the ask this year.

We then took to the escalator where we collected nametags, validated parking, and handed out David’s magazine,  “Boston Spirit.”

After seeing many of our favorites and right at 11pm, we bid adieu. We picked up pizza, demanifested and then we all went our lovely separate ways. Thus ending one more GLAD SoJust event for our partnership with GLAD.

Author: Webmaster