Cleaning the Commonwealth Mall

The Boston Women’s Memorial celebrates three important contributors to Boston’s rich history – Abigail Adams, Lucy Stone, and Phillis Wheatley.

Each of these women had progressive ideas that were ahead of her time, was committed to social change, and left a legacy through her writings that had a significant impact on history.

Join The Boston Sisters, Convent of the Commonwealth as we clean up the Comm Ave. Mall, one block at a time. We’ll be starting at the Boston Women’s Memorial section and work our way toward the Public Garden as time permits.

Cleaning will consist of raking, sweeping and picking up trash.
There will be drinks and light refreshments, but feel free to have brunch before coming over (work is always easier after a mimosa or two).

We’ll also be raising money for the Friends of the Public Garden.

Bring a rake, bring a broom, bring 20 of your closest friends. Come make Boston a cleaner place by getting dirty with the Sisters.

Added by: SisterImogen
Many blessings and thanks to you all for your participation in the kick off our anti littering campaign.


Much like the postal people, Sisters deliver on their word come rain or come shine.

We have had wonderful feedback from the friends of the public garden and a huge and sincere thank you for cleaning the women’s memorial. We have been asked, and I have suggested the acceptance, that we take an hour every quarter to clean her that monument. We all acknowledge they hire a professional to clean and restore the statues, the remaining portion of the monument is, and has been, highly neglected. Kate, the woman who cleans the mall weekly, told me she had tears in her eyes when she saw that we swept away many years of dirt and build up from the base of the monument and she was amazed to see the physical letters actually pop out and be legible from a distance. SO, GREAT WORK MY DEARS!!!

As to the children, how can I thank them and you all. The biggest hurdle for out anti littering campaign is introducing the anti littering message in a fashion and way that is attractive and memorable to the younger generation. They get the words of the woodsy inspired psa all wrong, but the tune from my public service announcement and the basic tenants on picking up trash has caught on with them. They have taken great pride in the clean Commonwealth Mall and want to see it stay that way. They loved their costumes and they are all dying of anticipation to see the anti skateboarding poster we had them pose for.

We did everything we set out to do except raise the money. Considering the weather and the number of people, we had an enormously successful event from my standpoint. We kicked off the anti littering campaign, we helped the kids complete community service hours, we educated the kids and they witnessed the effects of littering, we communicated to many citizens (my Sister Jessica and her husband Tim) who stopped about the “air spading” project and about the Hurley school. We cleaned the area extremely well, beefed up the statue and we all bonded with each other and the children.

To those of you who made the event, including Lois and Imogen who had to scramble to the LBGT Film Festival, Those in spirit: Ima who worked a double, Ophelia who had a car accident, Eunice who was in China, Klondyke who was a the hospital and Feleicia who tried so hard to get here, THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR HELP and support. Also To my brother Jimmy, Seamus, Chris, my nephew Joseph, my biological sisters Jessica and Joyce, My brothers in law, Aaron and Tim. I am beyond blessed and Thankful.

ANA, ROSETTA, Dearest, My superstar Sandra, LOIS and IMOGEN, the whole day was magical because of you all. Much love and adoration.

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