Candlelight Vigil

Many Thanks to those who came out and braved the elements to attend our vigil stroll through the commonwealth mall in remembrance of those who have struggled with the effects fo HIV/AIDS.

This is an International event held the same day every year since 1982. A strong grassroots movement to bring awareness that this will not fade into the shadows. It is still here and still affecting people.

Special thanks to Sister KrisTall Mighty, Lois, Sandra, Ana for being my support when my voice may quiver and my thoughts go blank when its my turn to speak.

Many Blessings


The Boston Sisters are organizing a Candle Light Vigil Starting from Commonwealth Ave. in remembrance of those who have battled with HIV/AIDS. We are starting at 9pm on Sunday, May 15th 2011.

Gathering can begin in the Commonwealth Ave. Mall Between Fairfield and Gloucester at the Boston Women’s Memorial.

Author: Webmaster