Don’t Ask Don’t Tell: Homecoming

10670284_10153600303183538_6172194835150402228_nSister Ima Miracle opened the Grove up for manifesting and was joined by Sister Lida Christ, Sister Gloria LeLuia, and Aspirant Katje Kism. We threw on some faces and headed out to the streets for some Ministering.

We stopped off for a quick run through of Cathedral Station. Said Hi to the management who were happy we were present, and said we were welcome back anytime. He also noted that he was disappointed we weren’t at their opening night. I expressed regrets, but had said that I thought there was some mix up as we weren’t sure we had ever gotten an invite/permission to come that night and we didn’t want to step on anyones toes. He appreciated the thought but reminded us that we were totally welcome to stop by with a bucket anytime we want. Lida was great and capped off the convo by letting him know how happy we were to be there tonight. We had a couple great moments with patrons.. raised some quick cash and more than a few eyebrows before heading out to DADT.

We got there a little early again, but Colby and Nick were psyched to see us.. and we met up with Altered Boy Matthew. Sisters clustered a bit at the beginning of the night, but once people showed up we started working the crowd more. There were lots of really wonderul “Sister Moments” with patrons and we got in some important face and education time with a younger intelligent and curious crowd.

I performed “Condoms” a Safer Sex parody of Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend.. and the video was quickly put up on facebook. (somenun should throw it onto youtube for our channel). A round of bucket fundraising and safer sex kit ministering and we were out the door shortly before the night ended.

Always leave them wanting more.

As for financial stuff..
The crowd was a bit thin, and people weren’t really spending. I think the college aged group and being so close to RENT being due made it tough for people to splurge and donate. But we raised $60 in the bucket and $20 on paypal earmarked for DCF/Sister Santa.


Soo.. one of the most awesome moments was when a young man came up to us at Cathedral and asked what we were raising $ for tonight.. we said “SIster Santa for DCF.” He interrupted and said “Say no more.. I’m a product of those services. I spent 4 years in DSS & Foster Homes.” He was so sweet and so thankful for the work that we do.

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