Harbor to the Bay

Harbor to the Bay Saturday September 20, 2014
Sr. Eunice X
Sr. KrisTall Mighty
Sr. Rosetta Stone
Sr. Sandra Musique
Sr. Lida Christ
Sr. Luvinya Always
Post. Donna
Post. Shiny Brite
Saint Constance

Moving Violations

On Friday the 19th Sr. Luvinya Always, Sr. Lida, Postulant Donna a Condom met Eunice and KrisTall at the Convent for a quick get together and and early evening at the Convent.  Waking up at the 3am hour Luvinya provided her support before having to leave.  The remaining nuns faced up and headed out the door to the Trinity Church Plaza.

We met up the ever punctual Sr. Sandra who along with Sr. Rosie and Postulant Shiny Brite provided the direction and energy we needed to get going.  We equipped the cars with the necessary items and dropped Sr. Eunice off after meeting up with the Sisters’ freind and co-rider Scott Berk.

Srs Lida and KTM took off with in tow withe the hounds of Hell, Sasah and Finn, down to Weymouth (Stop 1).   Lida was keen on marking THE MANY pot holes so that the riders would be safe upon entering the parking lot.  We greeted many riders and waited for our Eunice to arrive.  We bid Rosie, Donna and Shiny farewell. Left the route to drop the hounds at the estate of KTM’s parents.   We rejoined all at the Halifiax stop 2.

Sandra  and Constance rode together and led the pack of riders.  We had our lovely Trampolina with us up to the bridge when she had to leave us for a wedding appointment.
Trampy took over the look out for potholes and rider rear discomfort at stop 2.

With Rosie, Constance, Donna and Sandra, we all planned our departures to ensure maximum coverage at every stop to greet and cheer them all riders in to the stops.   Lida and KTM stuck together and totally blew it with the mapping and communication applications.   Rosie and Shiny were exceptionally helpful with riders by providing a spare tire and the bike pump when needed. Plus, Sandra was able to get the application up and running on KTM/Lida’s IPHONE only to have the dipsy duo disable it 3 minutes later while trying to find a mcdonalds.

Donna and Todd were instrumental in keeping communications and the riders on track.  Donna had the most calming and alluring voice of all those on the radio communications.  Tons of accolades were given and everyone wanted to meet the smooth voice on the radio.

Skipping the Sagamore stop to get coverage for the Sagamore 1/2 riders, KTM/Lida swing to stop 5 (Were KTM was able to find a small thrift store for Cape Cod Capable living and found the coolest champagne glasses) we got to meet the wave of the newly inserted excited riders and encouraged the Boston riders to keep going.   Rosie pulled into the stop 5 and we waited for our Eunice and then we left Rosie/Shiny, Donna/Todd, Sandra/Constance at the stop 5 in cheer mood.

We Lida/KTM continued on to Stop 8 on the bike path meeting up with the CRI group.   Ever ready and never afraid of the ask, when someone stopped to ask what we were doing, we explained and asked for, and received, a kind donation of $15.00 that we let the CRI group collect. (Also left them thinking that they got the ask when Lida and I know the truth : >)

Rosie was tired but full of vim and Vigor and re-energized us all at Stop 9, the porta toilet off route 6a.   Constance and Sandra pooped in…popped in the stop but headed out asap to be at the hotel in Ptown stop 10.  Rosie grabbed the camera and captured our Eunice dragging in along with the Sister’s friend Scott Berk.   Rosie/Shiny sent us on our way to head up the general greeting at the Harbor Hotel.

Lida and KTM were met at the Hotel by the CRI folks who excitedly invited us into their rooms for a celebration drink and speech.

We all met up and greeted riders, dropped off equipment and then split up to touch up and clean up in readiness for the Ride in to Town.   We all met at the boat slip and took the opportunity to have the Sisters Saint Betsy of Betsy’s diner as St. Hot Dish.

We also took on the role of selling calendars for the H2B.  We raised nearly $700 in calendar sales to the crowd of tired riders and their supporters.  We were lucky in that we had 4 bachelors and 1 bachelorette in the audience who were all willing to sign calendars.

Several of us kept on the face and then headed over to Local 186 for some well deserved libations and food.

It must also be noted that Lida’s Hello Dolly outfit was a smash.  Many thought that I was the one in the outfit, so if the feedback were positive, I took the credit.

Yours truly,


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