Drag Bingo at Club Cafe

Sisters KrisTall Mighty, Eunice X, Novice Sister Sandra Musique and Saint Best Bi braved the New England humidity to manifest for Constance Waverly’s Drag Bingo at Club Cafe. Constance was generous enough to allow us 3 rounds of charity bingo to raise money for the LGBT Asylum Support Task Force. The Sisters arrived at Club Cafe at 8:30pm and stayed until midnight selling tickets, talking to the patrons and generally being a sight to behold. The prizes were gift certificates for Forty Winks and the Rattlesnake Bar as well as a coveted Bible purse. At the end of the evening the Sisters raised $690 for the Task Force and it was clear this is a charity that resonates with others. We are constantly awed and inspired by the outpouring of generosity that Boston bestows upon such worthy causes.

Author: Webmaster