Drag Bingo Benefiting Community Servings

On a lovely and rather warm November tenth, Sisters Rosetta Stone and Gloria LeLuia arrived at Club Café to begin getting ready for yet another Sister Bingo. This month’s beneficiary was the “Pie in the Sky” fundraiser for Community Servings. Community Servings provides daily meals for housebound and critically-ill Massachusetts residents. Each year, about a month before Thanksgiving, they begin selling pies donated by local vendors with the profits going toward this cause.

Around 6:45, Rosie and Glo were joined by Saint Constance the B-9 and began Bingo. A special “early-bird” round was created with the prize being an entrée of the winner’s choosing from Club Café’s menu. Soon after, Sisters Eunice X and KrisTall Mighty joined the event and used their incredible selling abilities to push cards and get donations. And at 8:00, the group was also joined by Sister Lida Christ, having just left her secular job.

The Sisters introduced two new games which are sure to become Sister Bingo staples:

“Rosie’s Ten for Ten at Ten” where Sister Rosetta presents ten prizes, each valued at a minimum of ten dollars, at ten o’clock. This round has ten winners who are allowed to pick the prize they want, first-come-first-served style. It’s great fun and gives people more options for their prizes. We had everything from a mini LED Christmas tree to hand thrown pottery to coasters with fun sayings.

“Gloria’s Let’s Make a Deal” where Gloria presents her large pink box during random games throughout the evening. When a patron wins a round of Bingo, they are given their prize and are then given the option of keeping the awarded prize or exchanging it for the mystery prize inside Glo’s box. The audience used this time to begin screaming “TAKE THE BOX!” or “KEEP THE ______!” It was a great way to get the rest of the venue involved. We played this game twice and both times the winner took the box prize; once for a crystal and silver candy dish and once for a choice of gift certificates  to local eateries.

By the end of the evening, The Sisters had raised just over $600 in cash and credit card donations. Community Servings’ volunteer, Stephanie, was there selling pies as well and raised an additional $250. The two fundraisers together earned Community Servings around $850, enough money to feed one person-in-need for 30 whole weeks! — Or 30 people for one week, however you wish to do the math.

Author: Webmaster