Mr. New England Leather

Good morning sisters At noon on Friday Nov 21 Sister Lida Christ and temporary altered boy mark drove the magna-car-ta to pick up sister Luvina Always at Harvard sq The clutch then teleported to beautiful province town where we met our hosts at full kit. We went to our guest houses and manifested for the welcome dinner, we helped sell raffle tickets and welcome the guests, judges, and contestants. On Saturday sister Lida and mark manifested and did a sunset fridged photo shoot on the dunes and beach. In the evening the night of the competition had arrived. The sisters manifested and played host, sold tickets, then sister Lida Christ with the aid of sister Luvinaways blessed the room with sister glitter. We reached out to our ASL interpreter prior to the blessing to help prep her for the ritual. A brief history of sister glitter was conveyed as the blessing was poured out. Sunday morning we manifested one final time to sell the hell out of the tickets. Sister Luvina was on point all weekend with the ask, never wavering from her cause. Like a mail man she pushed thur arduous hangovers. As the raffle sales came to a close she challenged those in the room to hold up any last donations to bring us to 1500 raised for cape aids support group. Sunday afternoon the sisters returned to the dunes to do group and singles shots. We made strong connections and should be hearing from mr Connecticut leather. And dalton the (new) New England mr leather 2015 to work on events. We had so much fun, and sent thank you cards to our guest house sponsors.

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