Drag Bingo Benefiting the Boston Sisters

On Monday, July 14, 2014 Sisters Eunice X, Frieda B Fabulous, KrisTall Mighty, Sandra Musique, Novice Sisters Gloria LeLuia, Lida Christ, Tori D’Affair and Altered Boy Darius swarmed Club Cafe for our 3rd Anniversary of Charity Drag Bingo with Constance Waverly. Our hope for the night was to break $35,000 total for our three years of work with Club Cafe, which meant raising $477. The Sisters set about trying to raise money through both bingo card sales and raffle tickets. We decided to sell raffle tickets for $20 for a ton of tickets or by showing us they bought Joyful Noise tickets. The prize was $100 from our friends at The Beehive. The Sisters also took time to promote both Lida’s and Luvinya’s Novice Projects. We were also joined by the lovely gents from Unsure Positive to help promote their kickstarter by donating 3 t-shirts for prizes. It was a slow night so by 10pm we were $150 away from our goal. We made a plea to the audience and within 10 minutes had raised the money we needed to exceed $35,000! It was an amazing moment and both Sandra and Constance got a bit sentimental and thanked everyone profusely for their support through the years. As it was a bit slow, the Sisters began leaving by 10pm. Sandra and Frieda stayed until 11pm until the last of the bingo players left, then went back to the Rectory of the Holey Pews to demanifest and count the money. At the end of the day the Sisters raised a total of [insert $ here] for the General Operating fund.


Author: Webmaster