Penny Drive Benefiting SKIP

On 7/13, Aspirant Jay, Sr Pure-Elle, and Sr Rosetta Stone met up at Grey Gardens North to manifest.  They were soon joined by NSr Lida Christ, who had manifested at his camping location, then hightailed it over to Grey Gardens.

We finish manifesting not long after 6:30, which gave us an opportunity to sit and relax while we were waiting for the LA sisters to arrive. Not long after 7 PM Sister Tootie Fruit, and Sr Barbie Que appeared.  Greetings were exchanged, as well as a brief discussion of the evenings charity, Soup Kitchen in Provincetown.

Armed with the fervor of an evening bucket drive ahead, we walked down Pearl St, to Commercial St, where we encountered two bears on the bench in front of the Wired Puppy coffee shop. These two bears generously kicked off a virgin donation to our bucket.

We progressed down commercial Street with a goal to meet St. Megapixel at the Crown and Anchor, when she would be in line for Armistead Maupin.  We happened to run into his husband Christopher, by the library, where Rosetta asked Christopher whether or not Armistead would be comfortable with a photo with the Sisters. Christopher stated that he would and that can make sure that we saw him in the line after the show, to make sure this would happen.

The remainder of the way ran like many penny drives in Provincetown, where we had ample opportunity for photos that could be turned into ample opportunities for an “ask”.  There was a frequency of folks who knew the sisters, calling us out by name, as well as bears who simply walked up to us with wallets open to put dollars into the bucket.  We met with Pennsylvania state representative Brian Sims, who was vacationing in Provincetown as well as having his own fundraiser later in the week.  We took the opportunity to get a photograph with him.

Upon arrival at the Crown and Anchor, we happened upon the line for Armistead Maupin’s post-show book signing.  While we were waiting, we took a moment or two to relax, and speak to Meg about what it was that she wanted to discuss with Armistead.  Once Meg got to the head of the line, we delivered the request that Meg had, learned that there was a formal conduit for these requests, and Meg took some beautiful photos.

Altered Boy Sam, and his boy Mark joined up with us. Afterwards the Sisters continued to progress along Commercial Street, stopping at Local 186, where we stopped for a bite for dinner. Not long after we were seated, a woman approached our table asking for photograph. She was a comedian who appears on the Chelsea Lately/Chelsea Handler (?) show, and was a fan of the Sisters.  After dinner Sr Barbie Que needed to excuse himself, but Sister Tootie Fruit remained with us as we began our return back to where we started.  Once back to where Pearl Street met Commercial Street, Sr Tootie excused herself to go back to where she was staying. The remaining Boston Sisters returned back to Grey Gardens North to demanifest, and to document the bucket contents.

The contents of the bucket totaled up to $420.50, before Square fees.

Author: Webmaster