Drag Bingo – Harbor to the Bingo

harbor to the bingo

On September 9, 2013 Sisters Sandra Musique, Rosetta Stone, Ima Miracle, Eunice X, Novice Sister Tori d’Affair, Aspirants Lida Christa, Gloria Leluia and Luvinya Always met up at Club Cafe for Drag Bingo with the ever-youthful Constance Waverly and her merry Marys (Trampolina, Roxy Pops, and GiGi Louise). The Sisters and queens made sure to work in small groups of 1 or 2 to sell sell sell Bingo cards. By the time the first round was being called by Rosetta and Lida, ticket sales had already exceeded $1,000. Everyone took turns calling bingo, manning the money, and making sales. Eastern Bank also presented Constance with a check for $2,500 from their foundation.

Around 9pm the Sisters started selling raffle tickets for the “Hot Lunch” raffle (69% to Harbor to the Bay, 31% to the winner). We were also joined by Novice Sister Rachel Equality who beat her mug in only 10 minutes (note: that’s 10 minutes in drag time, so really more like 30). It didn’t take her long to bring Sandra fistfulls of money for charity.

By this point we had so much cash that we needed to get a register drawer to keep it in, which Aspirant Gloria took responsibility for. At 10 we realized that we’d sold all the cards we were going to and had no more people wanting raffle tickets so we tallied up the raffle winnings and realized we’d collected $365. The winner of the raffle was Mizery (in secular clothing) and she took home $114!

We then counted up all the money, sorted it and Sandra got it ready for deposit the next day. The Sisters then disbursed and went their separate ways. Sandra stayed to call the last round with Constance which turned out to be interesting. Someone paid $100 to have Lee (our friend with the folding bike) to strip to his underwear. Then someone gave another $20 to see another gentleman take his kit off, but he couldn’t because he wasn’t wearing underwear. Finally one more person was gracious to take of his shirt for charity and we received another $60. It was a really difficult thing for Constance and Sandra to do, but if you can’t encourage that kind of thing for charity, when can you?

All told, Harbor to the Bingo, including bingo cards and raffle, raised $2,274 which when added to the $2,500 from Eastern Bank brings the grand total to $4,774!

Not only does this make HtB our new highest bingo total, it means we’ve raise over $22,000 for charity since we started doing drag bingo at Club Cafe 2 and half years ago!

Thank you so much to Constance, all of my hardworking Sisters, and all of our loving friends, supporters, and fans who have made this possible.

Author: Webmaster