Penny Drive Benefiting Sister Santa

On Saturday, September 7, Point Nun Sr. Eunice X was joined initially by Srs. Frieda B. Fabulous, Sandra Musique, and Amanda Tyanwhip, as well as NSr. Tori D’Affair, Asp. Gloria Lalulia, and Angel Rob for a brief but impact full discussion regarding web site development for, the center of our STI Awareness Campaign. Some important agreements were made regarding structure, format, and initial content. We then said our cheerful goodbyes to Sr. Amanda and Angel Rob.

We were next joined by Sr. KrisTall Mighty, as well as Asps. Luvinia Always and Lida Christ, and also Saint Mega Pixel. After blessed communal facing up, we spent about an hour filming video clips with Sisterly welcoming and also informing for Thanks especially to our impromptu videographer NSr. Tori!

By 8 PM we hit the streets of Boston, 1st Newbury and then Boylston, before eventually swinging through Club Cafe, Fritz, and The Eagle. It was a relatively slow but steady night of donations. We did score a good number of $20s, and as always as ton of $5s, as well as a heck of a lot of $1s. In the end, with $946 and change we barely missed our goal of $1000 for the Sister Santa program. What an amazing night!

Special credit goes to our initiate members, who once again demonstrated their boundless creativity, energy, and enthusiasm for our work. We could never have come so far without them.

A Point Nuns confession: it was my mistake to plan the evening without building in a provision for food. At some point in the evening, either at the start or in the middle, we would have been well served by being well served – and at the end of the night we were all crashing. Lesson learned!

All in all, we raised lots of money for Boston orphaned kids’ Christmas presents, we had a great public ministry and were well received, and there was much rejoicing. Blessed Be!

Author: Webmaster