Drag Brunch at Club Cafe

Drag Brunch

On Sunday, May 3rd, Sisters Gloria LeLuia and Sandra Musique met at the Rectory of the Holey Pew to manifest for Verna Turbulance’s Drag Brunch annual event at Club Café. Sister Rosetta Stone separately went to the South End with paint cans and rollers in hand to get the newly-minted Davina von Jacques-Strapp (aka Marc Davino) prepared for the first big day out.

Sandra and Gloria met Novice Angela Merci at CC about 11:30, and took on the role of directing traffic, as well as selling raffle tickets during the event. Rosetta, after laborious hours of plaster and spackle, brought Davina to Club Café to laughter from Sandra. Rosetta was able to stay briefly at the event, before having to leave for family obligations that day. The event was sold out and there were many familiar faces who gave generously and often. In the middle of the event the fire alarms went off in the building, rumor has it that Sister Gloria had a hot flash, and everyone had to go outside until the fire department could come in and turn off the alarm. The Sisters were instrumental in making sure everyone filed out in an orderly fashion and left their drinks indoors so as not to get Club Cafe in trouble with MA liquor laws.

The Sisters helped get everyone lined up for the Miss Drag Brunch parade and then helped push people into the back room for the drag shows. At around 4pm, Novice Angela had to make her way back to the suburbs. At 5:30pm Sisters Sandra and Gloria finally had to call it a night, though there were still a few more numbers and raffle draws to go. It was a wonderful Spring day, everyone had a great time, and the Imperial Court raised a lot of money for Victory Programs.


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