Massachusetts LGBT Bar Association Annual Dinner

On a bright and sunny May 5th afternoon, Sisters Gloria LeLuia, KrisTall Mighty, and Sandra Musique met at the Convent to begin preparing for an evening at the LGBT Bar Association Annual Dinner at the Boston Harbor Hotel. Coincidentally, both Gloria and Sandra had brought black and white outfits with red accents. Never one to be left out, KrisTall grabbed the same and the matching Nuns headed to the event.

Once there, the Sisters were greeted by event co-chair, Gavin Fishman, who welcomed them to the event, showed them where the bar was, and told them to just have fun! This was a non-working event for the Sisters who were invited to attend as guests as a thank you for all the spectacular work they do in the community for others; it was an honor. The Sisters grabbed a few drinks and then headed into the crowd to mix and mingle. They met with an array of lawyers and other guests, many of whom recognized them from various GLAD, Fenway, and HRC events.

After the cocktail hour was over, everyone was herded into the main ballroom for the dinner and speech portion of the evening. The Sisters took their seats at their dinner tables and mingled with the other guests. Sister Gloria spent a good chunk of the evening chatting with a charming young lawyer and giving him relationship advice. The gentleman told her that she reminded him of Oprah, doling out advice and making him feel better about the situation. Meanwhile, Sister KrisTall was table-hopping and spreading her unique brand of joy to everyone in the venue. Even when she is told not to work, she can’t help but act as hostess. The crowd loved her. Sister Sandra spent some time chatting with Patrick Lentz, the evening’s photographer, and presented him with our business cards, encouraging him to contact us if he needed models for any projects or knew of other groups who would enjoy working with us. Sandra networked, KrisTall mingled, and Gloria ministered.

The evening started with a pre-recorded video speech from Senator Elizabeth Warren and then the Bar Association presented people with various awards and had some great speeches discussing the past 30 years of the LGBT Bar Association’s existence, from humble beginnings with a dinner held in a tiny room to today’s successes and large ballroom. Keynote speaker, Chief Justice Ralph D. Gants of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, gave a touching speech about how much progress he’s seen in his long career in the legal system while also touching on how much work there was still left to do.

After dessert, The Sisters mingled for a little while longer, thanked Gavin for having us as their guests, and headed back home to scrub their faces off and relax.

Author: Webmaster