On Friday February 24, 2012, Sister Sandra Musique and her Sister/Wife Postulant Frieda B Fabulous celebrated Frieda’s 9 months of sarcasm and adoration by manifesting for the DRAMA event at PA’s Lounge in Somerville, MA. This was an especially important night for Frieda as this was her first time manifesting as a Postulant. She applied the clown white like a pro and makeup will definitely not be a struggle for her. Braving the rain and winds, they set out for the venue in time for the 9pm call time. The evening started a bit slowly due to the weather, but eventually the crowd started showing up around 10:30pm. The attendees were more interested in dancing than chatting with the Sisters, so Sandra and Frieda contented themselves with providing background color and taking the occasional picture. At around 11:30 the musician performed a few songs on her harmonium, one of the songs being Bad Romance. The Sisters were scheduled to help with a Booty Shaking contest after the concert but the event organizer decided not to hold the contest so Sandra and Frieda headed home to defrock at 12:15am.

Author: Webmaster