Sunday Afternoon Tea with Ms Whispers

This afternoon, Sister Sandra Musique and I manifested (my first manifestation with the Zakim!!!) to support Ms. Whispers in her afternoon tea to raise awareness of CameroonONE, a charity organization which sponsors the education of orphaned children in the Republic of Cameroon. See Our support, if any, was to be a ministry of presence and point-support.

The WV Ferrari-like vehicle departed Dorchester, snatching a Mish-faced Sandra, on its way towards the South End. We arrived at Club Cafe to the typical brunch crowd, at 1:15. Perhaps daylight savings affected the event….so after enjoying a morning beverage waiting for direction, we departed for a casual Sunday stroll around Back Bay and the South End. Windy Copley Square proved to be the test for wimple fabric, and South End cobblestone proved to be a test for footwear selection. After visiting a handful of friendly establishments, and enjoying the unusually pleasant weather, we made our way back to Club Cafe, where the event had just begun at 3:15. We engaged in a ministry of presence, were recognized by commoners, and enjoyed ourselves.

Author: Webmaster