Fenway Men’s Event

On Saturday, April 3, Point Nun Eunice X was joined at The Convent for communal facing up by Srs. KrisTall Mighty, Teresa Solution, Rosetta Stone, and Pure Elle, and also (in her Zakim wimple debut performance) by NSr. Amanda Tyanwhip.

Only 30 minutes passed the scheduled departure time, the anal retentive Eunice jogged the gaggle of Nuns across to and through the Prudential Center to the Copley Square Marriott (without stopping for one single photo!), where The Boston Sisters Convent of the Commonwealth were represented at the Men’s Event for the third year in a row. This time was oh so different than the first, as we were widely recognized by many of the repeat patrons. We were frequently greeted with wide smiles, “Hello Sisters!”, and request to fill in for confused companions the rest of the details of who we are.

We started at the top level, saying hello to the other volunteers and familiarizing ourselves with the plethora of goodies up for grabs on the silent auction. We then hit the upscale reception downstairs to meet and greet the big money. After taking nearly 45 minutes to herd the self-inebriating masses into the dining room, we took our break in the green room. Then lots of pushing on the silent auction, some dancing and schmoozing, and eventually as a group saying “Thank you and goodnight.” to as many of the patrons as we could as they filed onto the downward escalator, was followed by a hasty retreat to Teresa’s car and a very fast defacing and goodnight of our own.

Author: Webmaster