Fitchburg State University Drag Show

Greetings Sisters and Supporters,

On Thursday, April 5 Point Novice Esther O. Gen, Sister Shiny Brite (sponsor), Novice Sister Angie O’Plasty, Postulant Bee Big, and Aspirant Sally converged on Fitchburg State University to join the Gay Straight Alliance at their 13th annual drag show. At 6:30 Shiny, Angie, and Bee went to greet guests as the doors opened and the space began to fill, while Esther finished preparation for the show. Around 7:15, the show began…with Esther! After performing ‘Edge of Glory’ (and catching her breath), Esther rejoined the others at a table to watch the show.
Halfway through an amazing show, the host announced that they would be doing a drag off with four members of the audience. After announcing the (un)lucky individuals, Esther brought them to the back stage and joined some of the queens in putting them into quick drag. Esther was able to rejoin the group to see the performances of the drag off and the end of the show.
Having bid goodbye to Bee and Sally, the remaining group joined the queens for a brief set of pictures with guests. They then returned backstage to quickly demanifest and begin the drives home. |All arrived safely home after a night filled with joy and entertainment.
Yours in sequins in glitter,

Novice Sister Esther O. Gen
The Deviant Seated in the Chair

Mistress of the Web

Author: May