Women’s Dinner Party (Fenway Health)

Dear Sisters, Guards, & Supporters,
     On Saturday, April 21, Point Nun Sister Eunice X was joined at The Convent for communal facing by Sisters Teresa Glass and KrisTall Mighty, as well as Postulant Bee Big.  We arrived at the Boston Copley Square Marriott just as registration for The Women’s Dinner Party was opening, and there too were joined by Sisters Hellen Damnation and Heidi Sins, and Guard Ian Knight.
     We split ourselves between the VIP reception and the open silent auction area, greeting folks and encouraging them to find the dinners, travels, spa treatments, and artworks of their dreams in the silent auction tables.  At the appointed time, we gently but firmly poked and prodded the delightful patrons into the ballroom.
     We enjoyed the opening program and then assisted as spotters for the live auction.  After a brief dinner break we also helped by collecting donation cards during the broad appeal for additional funds.  And then – we danced our little butts off to a spectacular live pop band.
     At the close of the event, we posted ourselves at the top of the escalator to thank patrons as they exited, in search of whatever revelry or rest they would find in the night.
     We love our Fenway Health and are grateful for every opportunity to show our support for an organization that has so long been here, working tirelessly for our community.
     And there was much rejoicing.
Much love and respect,

Sr. Eunice X

Author: May