Flag Raising

Sister Ima Miracle and Novice Sisters Gloria LeLuia, Lida Christ, & Tori D’Affair gathered at Ima’s Grove to Manifest. Lida was kind enough to drive us all in town, and after doing one circle we decided to park in the garage. $35 later (ouch!) we had made it to the Pride Committee Breakfast hosted by the City Council. We got to schmooze with some politicians, representatives of the Boston Pride Committee and Erica Kay-Webster (one of the trans-women who was at the Stonewall Riots).

After a quick coffee and juice we headed downstairs to the Flag Raising. While the politicians kept their speeches light and fairly non-political, I got to talk about our Sistory and my history with the order. And then Erica spoke.. and she reminded me why Pride is still so important. She spoke about the distance we have come.. and how far we have yet to go. She spoke the names of the trans-women who mentored her before there was a Name for being Transgender. She reminded us to take care of our Queer Youth.

Photos happened with lots of people in the crowd, and several of them thanked me for “speaking up for the freaks.” And in a shower of glitter and fabulousness we headed off to Club Cafe where we de-manifested in the bathroom and then celebrated with food and drink.

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