Pride Day @ Faneuil Hall

In the early hours of Saturday June 7, 2014, members of the house gathered to manifest.

Srs Eunice, Sandra, Amanda, Rosetta, NSrs Lida, Gloria, Luvinya, Tori, Postulant Decoda, and Aspirant Ryan made our way to Faneuil Hall to spend Pride Day, an event sponsored by the Faneuil Marketplace Merchants Association.

We were there as part of our requirements as Grand Marshals of the 2014 for the Boston Pride Parade.  Our event coordinators had set us up with a canopy tent, tables, and chairs.  We brought and hoisted our banner onto the canopy and put out printed materials about the Sisters and Into The Habit.

During the day, we were received quite well by the public, with a high volume of the public taking photos with us.  We also had a few moments to get onto stage and to address the crowd.

We were blessed to have been visited at our table by a women whose daughter is working through a bout of breast cancer, and the woman had an opportunity to spend time discussing her experience and feelings about her daughter.

Overall, being at Faneuil Hall for a full day was an excellent ministry of presence and exposure to a group of public that we hadn’t interfaced with before.

The manager of the marketplace approached us to offer us the ability to fundraise on the property, a compliment to our house.

Author: Webmaster