Gay Beer Club and Hot Mess Sundays

Greetings Sisters and supporters,

On Sunday, March 5, Point Postulant Jen D’Fluid was joined by Sister Teresa Glass (sponsoring Jen) and Novice Sister Yonica Phallico. The trio was also joined by Sister Ray Dee O’Active, Abbess of the D.C. House, who was visiting for the day (with assistance from Sister Eunice X in the form of a habit and dress). The four gathered at Teresa’s apartment for group manifestation before leaving for Cambridge Brewing Company (CBC), the host of Gay Beer Club.
Upon arriving at CBC, the Sisters were greeted warmly by the host and began to mingle with the group. Many delightful conversations were had and much joy was spread. Around 9:30, the group made a graceful departure to transition to Candibar to mingle with the crowd at Hot Mess Sundays while also handing out safer sex kits donated by Fenway Health. The Sisters were again warmly received for a night of dancing and joy. Around 11:30, Jen and Ray Dee departed for Jen’s apartment as our gracious guest had a long day and an early flight to catch. Teresa and Yonica left around 12:30 and took an Uber back to Teresa’s apartment. All parties arrived at their destinations safely and without incident.
In all, it was a delightful evening. We introduced ourselves to a new event in Gay Beer Club that was very warm and welcoming, in addition to new people who were not familiar with the Sisters. It was also nice to be out without having an ‘ask’ for the event and simply be interacting with the community and spreading joy. Of course, it was a delight to be joined by Sister Ray Dee, who graciously joined our group despite traveling and not planning to manifest. Overall, a very joyous pair of events.
Love and joy,
Postulant Jen D’Fluid

Author: Webmaster