Rise Up Rally for Trans Youth

Greetings Sisters and supporters,

On Sunday, March 5, the Boston Sisters planned to attend a rally organized by Mass Trans Political Coalition (MTPC) in Boston Common. Leading up to manifestation, concerns were raised about the safety of having skin exposed for prolonged periods due to the cold and wind. It was decided to cancel manifestation and attend the event secularly.
Point Postulant Jen D’Fluid, Sister Teresa Glass (sponsoring Jen), and Novice Sister Yonica Phallico met for brunch during intended manifestation. They then drove to the Convent and were joined by Sister Eunice X. The group walked to the common shortly after the rally began at 12:00 PM. We spent a few hours listening to speakers, almost all of whom are part of the trans community, and marching through the streets of Boston. At the conclusion of the rally, the group returned to the convent to discuss the event and warm up.
In all, it was concluded that canceling manifestation was the safe and smart option. We hope to manifest for similar events in the future and continue to support the trans community.
Love to all,
Postulant Jen D’Fluid

Author: Webmaster