Gaypril Bingo at Tuft’s University

On April 11th, Eunice X, KrisTall Mighty, Rosetta Stone, Gloria LeLuia, Agnes Dei, and Luvinya Always arrived at Tufts to host a special Drag Bingo for the campus’s “Gaypril” festivities. The event started at 8:30, but students did not arrive en masse until around 9. Despite the slow start, approximately 40 or so students showed up for at least a round of Bingo. Although the event was billed as a fundraiser for Youth on Fire, only $20 was raised.  Overall, the event succeeded more as a ministry of presence and was enjoyed by all who attended. The largest  shortcoming for the event was that a student’s laptop was stolen sometime during the last twenty minutes while people were taking pictures. The campus itself appreciated our attendance, and we received an email from the LGBT center expressing their gratitude:

Hi  Luvinya,

I wanted to thank you and the sisters for coming to Tufts! I think people had a good time. I really appreciate the work that you put into all this. Please thank all the sisters who came and tell them it was delightful!


Author: Webmaster