GLBT Domestic Violence 20th Anniversary Celebration & Gala

On Friday, April 11, Point Nun Sister Eunice X was joined at The Convent by Sister KrisTall Mighty and Novice Sisters Lida Christ and Gloria LeLulia for communal facing.  We departed at 5:30 PM for an on-time arrival at the Cambridge Center for Multicultural Arts by 6:00 PM and got right to work.  We greeted people and assisted with registration, and moreover we worked very hard to encourage patrons to visit the silent auction table and bid, bid bid!  Our efforts really did seem to pay off there.

We also played hostesses, visiting with as many of the guests as we could, explaining about The Sisters and also Into The Habit.  We handed out several single ITH cards, and NSr. Lida sold two full decks.

Then at 7:45 PM we departed for Tufts University to participate in the next event of the evening, the details of which will be revealed by Point Nun Luvinya Always.

And there was much rejoicing!

Sister Eunice X

Author: Webmaster