GLAD SoJust Awards

Friday 10/24
KrisTall, Lida, Luvinya, Aspirant Angela and Postulant Shiny Brite manifested at the convent and headed over to the Marriott.   We met with David and Robbie of GLAD as well as a new Volunteer coordinator. Once we explained in short detail what we do for them to the new coordinator, we quickly split into groups dispatched to the VIP lounge and to the escalator to meet and greet.
The night progressed we closed the VIP Lounge in a record breaking 10 minutes and we were then immediately needed to move several hundred people through a security rope limiting access to 2 participants at time and then through 2 sets of 2 bars directly in the path to the ball room.  Kristall commandeered the hotel staff and closed the front bars and removed the security rope while Lida and Luvy led the newest members to form a line and move  the guests into the ball room.   We were able to piss off the Marriott events manager and move the crowd to the ball room in less than twenty minutes. Considering the setup, it was an orchestrated miracle of a dance of Sisters and the crowd.
We then helped the organizers collect the ask bags and any further donations.
During the event tall John asked to buy 10 Harbor to the Bay calendars for his table.  We were then inspired, led by Lida, sell several more calendars before the “miscommunication of supporting anyone but GLAD” was mentioned.
Dinner was served, speeches were held, videos were shown, expensive drinks were sold and purchased and the Kate Clinton got to enjoy her first GLAD event as a guest.
As the festivities led to a close in the ballroom.  We headed to the escalator.
We bid farewell to many guests and made a quick exit back to deface at the convent.
The event and the facts are fuzzy. Any necessary additions, subtractions or lack of attendance mentions are purely due to my overall pathetic laziness at writing my report.  SO any corrections, please send them my way and I will amend as necessary.  Utmost apologies to anyone I may have left out or offended, except the Marriott Events Manager.   (She did thank me later, but, man, how stupid was that setup).
Sister KrisTall Mighty

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