Reception for Saint Meg-A-Pixel

1621849_10153654924233538_3162682350238827474_n (wide)Dear Sisters, Friends, and Supporters,

On Saturday, October 18th, Sister Eunice X was joined by Sisters KrisTall Mighty, Lida Christ, Sandra Musique, Lida Christ, Frieda B Fabulous, and Rosetta Stone, as well as Postulant Angela Merci, converged on the Griffin Museum of Photography for the opening reception of Saint Meg-a-Pixel Meg Birnbaum’s “Sisters of the Commonweatlh” photo exhibit.

We greeted the crowd, answered lots of questions about The Sisters, and generally basked in the glow of Meg’s greatness. She is awesome!!

All in all we were well received. At the end of the evening we retired to de-face. And there was much rejoicing.

Much love and respect,Eunice

Author: Webmaster