GLAD Spirit of Justice Awards

Last night was an astounding night for the Sisters.
Eunice, Sandra and I met and started the manifestation process. Our wonderful Photo Journalist Meg Birnbaum joined us for our promenade walk to the Prudential Center. We were approached by a young woman who screamed when she saw us and started to cry when she learned we were the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. We exchanged numbers and cards, bid her adieu and made our way to the Marriot.

We were welcomed, tagged and released into the crowd on the 3rd floor. Our tasks were to roust the crowd at 6:55pm and move the entire crow to the fourth floor. We began our ministry of presence and low and behold who should pass into my sites? Nun other than Senator Kerry. Sandra whispered in my ear that he was close by. I beelined straight for him bypassing two of his people with a bob and weave and pulled my Sisters In for a quick help with Meg jousting her way around avoiding the rest of the paparazzi to get a good pic for us. The Senator was kind and gracious and stated that
“this could be dangerous” when asked for a photo. I reminded him he was a “flip flopping liberal” how dangerous could it be. To which he replied, “you have a point” he posed and smiled and we had several shots. Light on the conversation, long on the exposure. One of his people commented to me on Sandra’s shoes and then told the Seantor, “at least the meet the height requirement.” He smiled and took our card.

We then moved into the larger crowd to find a shorter more popular gentleman in the middle of the room surrounded by many people. I pushed in snagging and dragging Meg in wake as I tapped the young man on the shoulder and spun the Governor around. He smiled sweetly and his people said “Oh, we need a picture of this”. In came Eunice and Sandra graciously introducing themselves and being warmly received by Governor Patrick. His people were so nice and the Glad and Globe photographers were happy to snap away. Meg was lined up for the more artistic and candid shots. Dying to see who publishes what and, if not them, then Meg’s pictures will be posted soon.

After much wrangling, we made our way upstairs. Herded the crowd into dinner. Much more recognition this year. Visited tables and listened to the speakers.
The festivities drew to an end. WE stood at the front collected name tags and bid the guests adieu.

We have firmly reestablished ourselves as partners with GLADD and SOJUST. Robbie and Mo were pleased and the guests really loved our presence.

Quite a success and what a happy night.

Thank you Meg, Sandra and Eunice for making this a fun event. The pictures will be posted as soon as we get them from Meg and as soon as I can get them off my camera.

Author: Webmaster