Her HRC Event

On January 14th, Frieda B Fabulous, Sandra Musique, KrisTall Mighty, Eunice X and Myself met at the Boston Convent to face up for the Women’s HRC Event. We made our way over to the Middle East at 730 and waited for people to set up and start coming in. We were told by Jeannie that we should basically do two things: Try to push HRC memberships and direct people to the photo area.

Around 830 people started to come in and we zereoed in on basically the most fabulous woman ever- think a fabulous, younger, green haired version of Maude from Harold and Maude. Chestnuts roasting on an open fire 😀 The sisters broke off into various groups, KTM and Eunice getting lots of picture time and introduced quite a few women to who the Sisters are – Frieda and Amanda worked on their not clumping skills. Then all the sisters came back together for pictures.

Later, Amanda got to dance with Maude and her other fabulous friends to New Jack Swing era hiphop. We got quite a few people to sign up for memberships. Finally the bands started, and the organizer became very busy. Amanda experienced a bit of a lesbian panic attack and had to leave a bit early.

Overall the event went very well. I expected there to be some amount of friction, but I have to say the reactions I got ranged from bemused silence to downright love. A good time was had by all!

Author: Webmaster