The Welcoming Committee Gives Back: Philadelphia


On Friday, February 6, Point Nun Sister Eunice X was accompanied by Sister KrisTall Mighty on a trip to Philadelphia to participate in a Guerrilla Queer Bar benefit for Philly AIDS Thrift, hosted by The Welcoming Committee. Our flight arrived around 2:00 PM, which gave us time to get settled at our hotel and take care of some secular work. By 7:00 PM we were facing up, and after a long Uber ride that inadvertently took us through some very wrong turns and seriously challenged hoods, we found ourselves at the fabulous Urban Saloon.

Our first sight from afar was a cluster of three lovely DC Sisters, who were just outside the entrance to the club. Once inside we checked in with our hosts, posed for a few quick photos, and then we were thick into the crowd, meeting and greeting and fundraising: Oh My!

Most of the evening was spent getting to know a very diverse crowd of friendly Philadelphians. There were men and women and G and L and B and T and Q and Q and more. Everyone was having fun and nobody seemed to care at all about who they were talking to, drinking  with, or dancing along side of. It was wonderful!

And all of us Sisters were greeted so warmly. We were pretty much an unknown entity, but every time we told our story (which we told 100’s of times) people got it. I believe Philadelphia is really ready to become a City of Sisterly Love. We must make a few trips back with more Nuns to test that theory.

When 2:00 AM was approaching, Sisters Eunice and KrisTall were invited to an after party around the corner, which we attended for about an hour. Then we made our goodnights and took a car back to the hotel.  Somehow our flight home on Sunday was not cancelled due to the bad weather in Boston, so we spent the afternoon playing with our puppies in the snow.

And there was much rejoicing.

Author: Webmaster