Harbor to the Bay

Greetings Sisters & Supporters!
     In the ridiculously earl morning hours of Saturday, September 15, Rider’s Point Nun Sister Eunice X and Crew’s Point Nun Sister KrysTall Mighty were joined at The Convent for communal facing by Sisters Lida Christ and Teresa Glass, as well as by Postulant Pax Ramona, and in addition by Sister Esther O’Gen (cycling in secular form), Boston SPI team volunteer cyclist Mark S. and crew member Rob C.
     We all converged at Trinity Church in Copley Square to join all other riders and crew for breakfast, fellowship, stretches, and invocations, including acknowledging the riderless bicycle representing those who could not be with us.  There also we were met by Sisters Heidi Sins and Grace A’Gawd, as well as Postulant Bee Big.
     At 6:15 AM Sisters Eunice and Esther set off for the first pit stop, along with Mark, while the other Sisters and supporters manned the cars and headed of for a fine day of cheer leading and support at various pit stops along the route.  Sister Teresa flipped from supporter to cyclist at the midpoint, and all cyclists reached the Harbor Hotel in Provincetown safely by 5:15 PM (11 hours later).
     After a break to clean up (and in the case of Sister Eunice, reface!), the Sisters boarded pedicabs and, preceded by the Moving Violations motorcycle-based traffic management guardians, led the procession of cyclists to the Boatslip deck in the heart of Provincetown, for a very moving closing ceremonies.
     And once everyone was safe and sound, fed and attended to, there was much rejoicing!
Much love and respect,

Sister Eunice X

Author: May