YIMBYTown Opening Cocktail Reception

Greetings all,

On Thursday, September 20th, Sister Esther O. Gen, Sister Teresa Glass, Sister Lida Christ, and Postulant Bee Big convened backstage at Club Cafe to manifest and perform at the opening cocktail reception for the YIMBYTown 2018 conference. During this time, plans were finalized with the conference organizers and the set list (and music) given to the DJ.
With everything ready (and a lovely introduction by friend of the Sisters Jarred Johnson), the Sisters took the stage. With great help from Bee backstage with costume changes, messages to the DJ, and general emotional support, Esther, Lida, and Teresa were able to entertain the crowd with nine numbers, raking in tips for Sister Santa and talking about our organization between numbers. After the final number, the group mingled with the crowd, took pictures, and had buckets available for any final donations. In total, $302 was raised for Sister Santa.
With the event ending, the group departed for home with Lida and Esther making a brief stop at Dbar for a cocktail.
Yours in sequins and glitter,

Sister Esther O. Gen

Author: May