HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign & AIDS LifeCycle

On the morning of Saturday, March 2, Point Nun Sister Eunice was joined by Sisters KrisTall Mighty, Sandra Music, and Bimea Ferrari. The happy four worked for three hours on our HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign project, during which time they carefully narrowed down our selection of images for use in the collector set card deck and other media efforts to 200 top pics. The next stage will be securing permission from the photographers and subjects, as possible. We will also begin the entertaining process of selecting the first deck and adding messaging to each image. WooHoo!

After a fun and relaxing lunch at a local restaurant in the Back Bay, a quick trip to I-Party helped us to gather a nice collection of trinkets and toys for our guests at the Fenway Community Health’s Men’s Event (March 9).

Soon after, we were joined by newly minted Novice Sister Rachael Equality for communal facing (Rachael was stunning in her debut!) and the easy trek to Geoffrey’s Cafe for the ALC fundraiser. We worked out Sisterly butts off, and we helped cyclists Will and Doug raise over $2000, which will support the SF AIDS Foundation and the LA Gay and Lesbian Community Center in their efforts to support individuals impacted by HIV/AIDS. We made many new friends and were well received. The staff at Geoffrey’s treats us very well also!

We then bounced through Club Cafe to pay our respects to the Imperial Court, as they were just concluding their investitures. Quickly though we made our way to The Eagle, where we found Sister Amanda (in secular form) and gave our heartfelt support to all the sweet leather and rubber boys, who along with patrons at Eagle bars around the globe, were in mourning for the recently passed Jason Lynch (Mr International Rubber). It was very sad, but also uplifting to see so many of our community come together at such a sorrow-filled time.

One side note, en route from Club Cafe to The Eagle, Sisters KrisTall and Bimea intercepted a sweet but drunk-out-of-his-mind-three-sheets-to-the-wind-couldn’t-walk-a-straight-line-if-his-life-depended-upon-it man. We scooped him up and poured him into a cab with directions for home. The Goddess help him!

Much love and respect,

Eunice X

Author: Webmaster