Taste of the South End

Kristall, Eunice, and Rosetta joined up at the convent for manifestation—by happenstance, all three color-coordinated faces.

We walked over to the event location, raising smiles along the way, getting a lot of appreciation from the parking valets gathered in front of a restaurant on Dartmouth St, near Copley Square.

Upon arrival at the location, we got ourselves oriented, and headed into the VIP room, selling raffles to whomever we saw. Once the general crowd arrived, we worked through the main room, while Keith Orr of AIDS Action made regular calls on the microphone to encourage people to visit with the Sisters and get raffle tickets, as well as bidding on the silent auction. The owner of the Beehive was happy to see us, and invited us to join the VIP group for the post-event party at the Beehive.

During our conversations with the patrons, we found many recognized us from past events and were glad to see us. We also reminded many about the pair of tickets to the Mens’ Event that were in the silent auction. Fortuitously, we ran into the couple that we sold the winning tickets to the Caribbean resort last year—they had just returned from same a few weeks before. KrisTall got Keith Orr to include a shout out to them during his next reminder on the microphone. Moments later, we ran into the woman who won the cookware raffle last year.

We ran into NSr Consuela Canswallow, as well as tall John, who along with many others, is looking forward to seeing us at the Mens’ Event on Saturday. Alan’, the chef/owner of El Centro (if you recall last year, this was the guy that Rosetta popped open the shirt of), who smartly wore a red chef’s jacket, removing the chance for Rosetta to get into his shirt, invited the Sisters to come visit at the restaurant, in or out of manifestation.

Once we handed in the tickets and the funds, we found we handed over $1,470.00. We continued to sell to the last possible moment, bringing in another $60.00, for a total raised in raffle sales to $1,530.00.

Author: Webmaster