Jockstraps for Justice: Jockstrap/Gear Auction for HRC

Greetings Sisters and Supporters,

On Saturday, July 29th Point Novice Esther O. Gen was joined by Guard Ian Knight (sponsor) for manifestation at the Estherway to Heaven in advance of attendance at Jockstraps for Justice, a jockstrap and gear auction put on by Mass Bears and Cubs to benefit Human Rights Campaign. After a leisurely manifestation, the duo made an on-time departure for the Providence Eagle. After a drive filled with music and stories, the duo arrived at the Eagle for the event.
After changing out of their traveling clothes, the pair met quickly with the organizers to finalize details of the event. At midnight, the Sisters would be running their live gear/jock auction, where buyers could buy the item right off the model onstage. Throughout the evening, there was also a silent auction running with additional gear/clothing.
The first half of the evening consisted of a Ministry of Presence combined with some minor model wrangling for announcements and photos. At midnight, the auction activities began! First, time was given to Queen JP from The Network/La Red who was attending the event. The Network/La Red is a survivor led organization that works to end partner abuse and was given a table at the event to share resources with and talk to anyone who may be able to use their resources. Next came the live auction. Mass Bears and Cubs had gathered 13 models with 40 total pieces of gear and underwear to give away. Esther announced the models/items and spotted bids while Ian wrangled the models onstage, directed bidders towards payment areas, and helped remove the items bought off the models.
After the auction, the Esther and Ian resumed a ministry of presence (with a visit to a nearby food truck) for the remainder of the event. At the end, the duo changed into their traveling clothes and drove back to Boston.
When all funds were tallied, the event raised a total of $1015 for Human Rights Campaign.
Yours in love and glitter,
Novice Sister Esther O. Gen

Author: Webmaster