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Greetings Sisters and Supporters,

On Sunday, July 23 Point Novice Esther O. Gen was joined at the Estherway to Heaven for group manifestation by Sister Rosetta Stone (sponsor), Novice Sister Harrie Magdelene, and Brother Gary (who started their process in Boston before moving to Seattle). The group made an on time departure for Club Cafe in the Pottery Wagon to arrive around 6:00 PM.
Once at Club Cafe, the group ordered a few drinks and some food. Throughout the evening we chatted with many individuals and spread our special brand of love and respect. We also met some researchers conducting a study on men’s health. After a discussion of what they were doing, the Sisters were able to assist the researchers in their study through identification of survey participants.
At the end of the evening, Brother Gary departed via T while the rest returned to Heaven to demanifest. All arrived safely home.
Yours in love and glitter,
Novice Sister Esther O. Gen

Author: Webmaster